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fit4thefight’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing


Be Active


Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups. Never has it been more important than now. Exercise is essential for slowing age-related cognitive decline and for promoting well-being.

But we understand that it can be daunting – what do I do? I have an injury and will I hurt myself? That is where fit4thefight comes in. We can connect you with fitness professionals who will steer you in the right direction, be it a regular session every few days or a couple of sessions to get you on the right track.




It’s clear that social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing and for acting as a buffer against mental ill health for people of all ages. fit4thefight connects you with fitness professionals to do individual or group online sessions.




Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages social interaction and a more active life.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the opportunity to engage in work or educational activities particularly helps to lift older people out of depression.


Learning how to exercise, or learning how to exercise more effectively, is a fantastic way to achieve better wellbeing.


Be Mindful


Achieving peace of mind is difficult especially with everything that’s going on. But studies have shown that being aware of what is taking place in the present directly enhances your wellbeing and savouring ‘the moment’ can help to reaffirm your life priorities. This is mindfulness. Most people have heard of it but don’t know where to start. Yoga or Pilates is a fantastic way to be calm and deal with worrying situations.



Participation in social and community life has attracted a lot of attention in the field of wellbeing research.

Individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy.

Unfortunately fit4thefight can’t help everyone but 50% of all net proceeds will be donated to charity.


"fibodo will work in collaboration with ukactive, as a member of its Strategic Partner Group, to assess where best to support activities that ensure we, as a sector, support the health of the nation through the fit4thefight campaign." - Rob Gibson, Head of Marketing and Communications ukactive.




This is a challenging task and we simply could not do it without the support of our partners.

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